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Available plugins

This section describes the plugins supported and shipped in with the Kubebuilder project.

PluginKeyDescription - (Deprecated)go/v2Golang plugin responsible for scaffolding the legacy layout provided with Kubebuilder CLI >= 2.0.0 and < 3.0.0. - (Default scaffold with Kubebuilder init)go/v3Default scaffold used for creating a project when no plugin(s) are provided. Responsible for scaffolding Golang projects and its configurations. plugin used to scaffold APIs/controllers using the kubebuilder-declarative-pattern project. for scaffold all manifests to configure the projects with kustomize(v3). (create and update the the config/ directory). This plugin is used in the composition to create the plugin (go/v3). has the same purpose of kustomize/v1. However, it works with kustomize version v4 and addresses the required changes for future kustomize configurations. It will probably be used with the future go/v4-alpha plugin. for scaffold all files which specific requires Golang. This plugin is used in the composition to create the plugin (go/v3)